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Linen Postcard. Drilling Machine, Kane, Pa.
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Linen Postcard. Drilling Machine, Kane, Pa.

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(000684) Linen Postcard. Drilling Machine, Kane, Pa. Warren, PA: Thomas Photographer, Excellent. Unused. 72329. Printed on back: Jobber: Bradford News Co., Bradford, Pa. Drilling Machine consists of two principal parts: (1) A two legged braced mast erected directly over the site selected for the oil well. (2) A long narrow and comparatively low structure which houses the engine, the belt, a large bandwheel and other mechanism for applying and controlling power. This type of machine employs the cable drilling system. A churning motion is imparted by means of the walking beam to the drilling tools which in turn fracture or abrade the rocky formations which must be penetrated to reach the oil reservoir (Kane, Pennsylvania)




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